Scenario participants

The following parties are involved in this scenario:

Credential Issuer
BX Insurance
John Smith


BX Insurance (the credential issuer) meets the following requirements:

  • PingOne Credentials, and PingOne MFA are available in the BX Insurance PingOne environment.
  • BX Insurance has a group in their environment named Current auto insurance subscribers, and John Smith is a member of that group.

    For more information about creating a group, see Creating a group.

  • A mobile developer for BX Insurance has developed and registered an app that runs the PingOne Neo SDK.
  • A native application connection added in the BX Insurance environment registered the wallet app.

    For more information on developing a sample app that runs the PingOne Neo SDK and adding a native application connection to register the wallet app, see Developing and registering the wallet app that runs the PingOne Neo SDK.


Creating and issuing a credential flow
  1. BX Insurance customizes an email invitation with the BX Insurance name with the text To set up your BX Insurance Digital Wallet, click this link to download and set up the app.
  2. They create a new credential with the following attributes:
    • First and last name
    • Date of birth
    • Car insurance policy ID number
    • Policy expiration date
  3. They select the group Current auto insurance subscribers, which John Smith is a part of, to issue the credential to.
  4. They select the digital wallet application, save the credential, and then enable it, automatically sending the credential to John Smith.
  5. John Smith receives the email invitation on his phone containing a link that says To set up your BX Insurance Digital Wallet, click this link to download and set up the app.
  6. After clicking the link, he's redirected to the BX Insurance company app in the app store.
  7. After he installs the app, the message Please confirm to pair your wallet to receive a credential appears.
  8. John is presented the option to Cancel or Confirm.
  9. After he taps Confirm, the BX Insurance credential is accepted and appears in his digital wallet.