In this example, you create a form using a template that is set up for your own branding and localization to be quickly included in a DaVinci flow.

  1. Create a form in PingOne:
    1. Go to User Experience > Forms.
    2. Click the + icon.
    3. In the Form Name field, enter a name for the form.

      This form name is used internally and is not displayed to users.

    4. In the Form Description field, enter a description for the form.
    5. Click Add Form.

      A modal opens listing the available templates.

    6. Select a template.
  2. Configure your form.

    For a complete reference of configuration options, see Form properties, Form fields, and Form toolbox.

  3. In the User Experience > Branding and Themes section, customize your form with branding and themes. For more information on applying custom branding and themes, see Branding and themes.

    If you have customizations in DaVinci Forms as well as in Branding & Themes, the style configured in DaVinci Forms takes precedence over styles configured in Branding & Themes.

  4. To support localization for the user-facing text in your form, add translatable keys in the configuration settings for the form.

    For more information, see Using translatable keys.

To implement the form in DaVinci, add and configure the PingOne Form connector in DaVinci. For more information, see PingOne Forms connector documentation.