You can add additional user information categories by going to Directory > User Attributes in PingOne. After you add them, these new categories are available as field types.


When a form is modified and saved, it could have an immediate impact on a production flow depending on how it's used in DaVinci. If you add new fields, you must go into the DaVinci flow and modify the mappings with new or updated fields.

Custom Fields

Field Description

Text Input

A field for a user's text input.


A field for a user's password.


A drop-down element.


A drop-down element for selecting from multiple possible values.

Radio Button List

A section with options a user can check.

Checkbox List

A section with options an user can check.

PingOne Attribute Fields

Field Description

Street Address

The street address.


The town or locale.


The state or region.

Postal Code

The zip code or postal code.

Country Code

The three-digit country code.

Current Password

The user's current password.


This field can be used with the New Password field in a password reset.

Email Address

The user's email address.


The user's locale.

Mobile Phone

The user's mobile phone number.

Field Description


The form of the user's name.

Given Name

The user's given name.

Middle Name

The user's middle name.

Family Name

The user's family name.

Honorific Prefix

The honorific prefix for the user's name.

Honorific Suffix

The honorific suffix for the user's name.

New Password

The user's new password. This field can be used with the Current Password field in a password reset or with the Recovery Code field for password recovery.


The user's nickname.


The user's current password.

When a user enters a password in a forms-type flow, it must meet the requirement set in the password policy.


You can click the Show Password Requirements checkbox to display the password policy requirements to the user.

Field Description

Photos Link

The URL for the user's photo.

Preferred Language

The user's preferred language.

Primary Phone

The user's primary phone number.

Recovery Code

The recovery code for the user's account. This field can be used with the New Password field for password recovery.


The user's time zone.


The user's title.


The type of user.


The account username.

Field properties

Clicking on a field already in your form displays the field properties in the sidebar.

Property Description

Field Type

The type of the field


The key value for the provided data.


This property can only be edited for custom fields.


The field label that's displayed for the end user.

Label Mode

Configures whether or not the label displays in the field. Valid modes are:

  • Float
  • Default

Input Type

The type of input provided by the user. Valid types are:

A text field with option validation.
A password-specific field with optional confirmation.
A drop-down list with one or more options.
A set of radio buttons.
A set of check boxes with one or more options.


The width of the field. Valid values are:

  • Flex (fills the available space)
  • 25%
  • 50%
  • 75%

Validation Type

If you selected Text as the input type, this option lets you validate the text. Valid values are:

  • None
  • Custom

If you select Custom, the Regex and Error Message fields show. The Regex value is used to validate the text, and the Error Message value appears if the text is invalid.

Verify Password

If you selected Password as the input type, this check box adds a field to verify the provided password.

Field Required

This check box indicates that the field is required. The form properties determine whether optional or required fields are indicated.