Tool Description

Add Rich Text

A block of custom text.

Add Translatable Rich Text

A block of custom text that can be translated.


This field is preferred because it can be localized for end users.

Add Google reCAPTCHA v2

A Google reCAPTCHA tool can distinguish between human and automated accesses.

You can customize the alignment, size, and theme of the reCAPTCHA tool.


You must supply your environment with the Site Key and Secret Key from your Google account to enable this tool. Click Global Google reCAPTCHA Settings to view or update this information.

This element can only be included on forms designed for use in flows.

Add Divider

A horizontal divider.

Add Empty Block

An empty space that can be moved and resized.

Add Error Display

A space that shows any form or flow-level errors.

Show Hidden

When selected displayed hidden elements.