Ensure that you have the values for hostname and port for the PingDirectory server. Contact the PingDirectory admin for these values.

  1. In PingOne, click Overview.
  2. Under Services, locate the PingDirectory tile.
  3. Click the Add Admin UI Link button.
  4. For Admin URL, enter https://<hostname>:<port>/console/login.

    Replace <hostname> and <port> with the values for the PingDirectory server.


    You can specify the LDAP server that you want to bind to using the query parameters ldap-hostname and ldaps-port when the administrative console is configured for SSO. By binding to the LDAP server, you can use a single console instance to administer multiple PingDirectory servers. An LDAPS scheme is always assumed because an encrypted connection is always required for SSO. Using these parameters, you can specify the URL as follows.

  5. Click Save.