To customize the discovery process, configure the discovery parameters on the Dashboard.

  1. Go to Discovered APIs > Settings.

    Screen capture of the Discovered APIs page and a search bar with the Settings link highlighted in the upper right corner to select settings for Discovered API configuration.
  2. Click the Discovery Configuration tab and set the values of AI Engine Subpath Depth.

    It defines the number of subpaths used to uniquely discover the base path of a new API. The maximum allowed value is 6 when ASE is deployed in inline mode and 10 when ASE is deployed in sideband mode. Subpath value examples include:

    • “1” - indicates /atmapp is basepath for /atmapp/zipcode, /atmapp/update, and so on.
    • “3” - indicates, v1/cust1/atmapp is basepath for v1/cust1/atmapp/zipcode, and so on.
  3. In the left navigation pane, click Discovered APIs , and then download the API definition in .json format by clicking Export for the appropriate API.

    Screen capture of the Dashboard to export discovered APIs.

  4. Add the downloaded API JSON definitions to ASE using the following command.
    # /<ASE_Installation path>/pingidentity/ase/bin/ –u admin -p admin add_api {file_path/api_name}