Create the following two groups in your PingOne environment to organize the users and manage access to PingOne API Intelligence:

A group for users with Admin privileges to PingOne API Intelligence.
A group for users with regular privileges to PingOne API Intelligence.

To add the new groups and users to the groups:

  1. In PingOne, go to Identities > Groups.
  2. Click the + icon.
  3. Enter the following information.
    Group Name
    A name for the group.

    The Group Name must be either Ping-Dashboard-ADMIN or Ping-Dashboard-REGULAR.

    A brief characterization of the group.
  4. Click Save.
  5. To add users to the groups, click the appropriate group name to expand the details pane.
  6. Click the Users tab.
  7. Click + Add Users Individually.
  8. Click the All Users tab.

    All available users are shown in the All Users list.

  9. To add a user, click the + icon for the appropriate user. Click Save.

    For more information, see Groups and Users.