To add a PingOne API Intelligence service to your PingOne environment:

  1. Sign on to PingOne.
  2. On the Your Environments page, click Add Environment.
  3. Select Build your own solution, select PingOne SSO and PingOne API Intelligence. Click Next.
  4. To select how you want to deploy your services, click Next.
  5. Enter the following details and click Finish:
    1. Environment name: Enter a unique identifier for the environment.
    2. Description: Enter brief characterization of the environment.
    3. Environment type: Select Sandbox or Production.
    4. Region: Select the appropriate geographical region for the environment. The list shows only regions that are included with your license.
    5. License: Select the license to use for this environment. The available licenses for your role are shown in the list.
  6. Click the newly added environment in the Your Environments page.

    You see the PingOne SSO and PingOne API Intelligence services added to your environment.

    Screen capture of an active PingOne API Intelligence service.

    The PingOne API Intelligence service icon is initially disabled. The service is typically activated within one business day. After the service is activated, a green circle displays to the right of the PingOne API Intelligence tile. Your ASE license key will also be emailed to you.


    In the meantime, you can download on-premise ASE and be ready to connect when the PingOne API Intelligence is activated.

  7. When the service is available, click the PingOne API Intelligence tile to launch the Dashboard.