You can use the PingIntelligence connection in PingOne to connect on-premise ASE with PingOne API Intelligence. The credential generated in PingOne is configured in on-premise ASE, which uses the credential to securely connect to the PingOne API Intelligence service.

To connect your API environment to PingOne API Intelligence:

  1. In PingOne, create a connection profile and credential:
    1. In PingOne, go to Connections > PingIntelligence.
    2. On the PingIntelligence Connections page, click + Add Connection.
    3. On the Create Connection Profile page, enter a Connection Name and Description.
    4. Click Save and Continue.
    5. On the Establish Connection with PingIntelligence page, click Copy to Clipboard to copy the gateway credential.

      After you leave this page, you cannot go back and copy the gateway credential, so ensure that you copy it now. If you are not going to complete the configuration now, you can paste the credential to a text file.

    6. Click Close.

    The new connection is added to the PingIntelligence Connections list.

  2. Use the connection credential copied in step 1f to connect the on-premise ASE to PingOne API Intelligence.
  3. Update the ASE /<ASE installation path>/pingidentity/ase/config/abs.conf file:
    1. On the ASE host, go to /<ASE installation path>/pingidentity/ase/config directory.
    2. Edit the abs.conf file by updating the gateway_credentials with the credentials copied in step 1f.

      In the following example, the gateway_credentials parameter has been bolded for visibility.

      ; PingIntelligence Gateway Credentials

      For more information, see Connecting on-premise ASE to PingOne.