You must add a PingOne API Intelligence tile for your trial or production service in PingOne. For more information, see Creating a PingOne API Intelligence service.


The PingOne API Intelligence service is currently available only in United States (US) regions and requires approximately 24 hours for launch. During this period, you'll receive an email with a license key for API Security Enforcer (ASE) deployment that can be used in step 1.

  1. Install ASE on-premise, and configure the connectivity to PingOne in ASE.

    For detailed instructions, see Connecting on-premise ASE to PingOne.

  2. To securely connect on-premise ASE to PingOne API Intelligence, go to PingOne Connections and access the PingIntelligence Connection to generate a credential.

    For more information, see Generating a credential in PingOne.

  3. Integrate your API environment with ASE.
  4. When deploying in sideband mode or inline in front of an API Gateway, enable API Discovery.

    For more information, see Discovering APIs in your environment.

  5. To authorize access for additional users and manage their access to PingOne API Intelligence environment, see Creating users and groups for PingOne API Intelligence.

    When your setup is ready, you can access the Dashboard. To learn more about the capabilities offered, see Manage PingOne API Intelligence.