Add an attribute and configure the attribute's general settings.

  1. Do one of the following to add a processor to the attribute:
    • To add a value processor, click the Value Processors section, and then click + Add Processor.
      Screen capture showing the Processor Name, Processor type, expression, and Value Type fields and the +Add Processor button.
    • To add a processor to an attribute resolver, in the Resolvers section, click the hamburger menu next to the Resolver Name field and select Add Processing.
      Screen capture showing processor fields in the Then apply value processors section of a resolver.
  2. Optional: Update the Processor Name field.
  3. Select a Processor type, and then enter an expression for the processor.

    For details about processor types and expressions, see Processors. The Label () icon indicates that you can reference attributes in the expression.

  4. In the Value type list, select a data type for the transformed value returned after the expression is applied.