To edit a credential:

  1. Go to Digital Credentials > Management

    The Credentials page opens, showing a list of your existing credentials.

  2. For the credential you want to edit, click the credential, or click the More Options (⋮) icon and then click Overview.
  3. To edit the credential, click the Pencil icon in the relevant section and edit any of the following as needed:
    • Card Preview: The following table lists the details you can edit.

      Click on the download () icon on the credential to download an SVG file of your credential’s template.

      Credential Detail Description

      Name & Subtitle

      Edit the Name and Subtitle that displays on the credential.


      • To remove an existing Logo, hover over the logo image, click the Camera icon, and then click Upload New Image or Remove Image.
      • To add a logo, click the image under Logo and select the image file you want to use.

      Logo images must be smaller than 25 KB.

      Card Styling

      Edit the Card Color and Font Color of your credential using either the color picker or entering an RGB value.

      Card Background

      Edit the Image and Transparency of the background image:

      • To remove an existing Image, hover over the image, click the Camera icon, and then click Upload New Image or Remove Image.
      • To add a background image, click the Image icon and select the image file you want to use.
      • Move the Transparency slider to adjust the background image transparency.

      Background images must be smaller than 50 KB.

      Card Fields

      Edit Number of Columns, Field Type, and Field Title.

      • To add a new field, click + New Field, select a Field Type, and enter a Field Title.
      • To remove a field, click the Delete icon.
      • To change whether a field is shown on the card, click the Show label on card () icon.
      • To change the order in which the card fields are displayed, click and drag a field to the desired location.
    • Issuance: Edit the recipient of the credential by selecting one of the following:
      • Groups: Choose a group to issue the credential to.
      • Populations: Choose a population to issue the credential to.
      • SCIM Filter: Create a filter that identifies a category of users to issue the credential to:
        • Select an Attribute and Operator, and enter a Value.
        • To add a new attribute, click + Add and select Condition or Condition Set.
        • To remove a condition, click the Delete icon.
        • Click All or Any to determine how to filter using your attributes.
    • Digital Wallet: To select an application, click the application from the list, or search for the desired application and then click to select it.
  4. Click Update.