This tutorial walks you through the creation of a multifactor authentication sign-on policy that you can apply to an application to secure access.

  1. Go to Authentication > Authentication.
  2. Click + Add Policy.
    A screen capture showing the Authentication Policies page.
  3. Enter a Policy Name.
  4. Select a Step Type of Identifier First.
  5. Click Add Step.
  6. Select a Step Type of Multi-factor Authentication.
  7. For MFA Policy, select Default MFA Policy.
  8. Optionally, specify Required When criteria for the policy. For example, you can specify that the policy is required when users are member of a particular population.
    A screen capture showing the authentication policy page
  9. To test the policy, assign it to an application on the application's Policy tab and access the application..
    Tip: To learn how to add and access an application, see the Add a SAML application tutorial.
    A screen capture showing the Edit policies page