This tutorial walks you through the customization of your PingOne experience to better align with your organization's brand. In this tutorial, you will change the look and feel for the following PingOne forms:

  • Registration
  • Sign On
  • Error
  • Forgot Password
  1. Go to User Experience > Branding and Themes.
  2. In the Company Name field, enter your organization's name.
  3. Click the Default Logo, select an image to use for your organization's logo, then click Open.
  4. Click + to add a new theme.
    A screen capture showing the Branding and Themes page.
  5. Select a theme from the available options.
  6. Click Customize.
  7. Click a form element to specify Theme Colors.
  8. Specify your Logo preference, either None or use a provided image. Upload a new logo by clicking the displayed image.
  9. Specify your Background preference. You can choose None, a Color, or you can use a provided Image. Upload a new background by clicking the +.
  10. Specify Footer text to display on sign on forms. Common HTML elements are supported in this field.
  11. Preview your changes to each form using the Preview list in the upper right corner.
    A screen capture showing the Customize theme page.
  12. Click Save Changes.