Featuring identity intelligence, drag-and-drop workflows, passwordless sign-on, centralized authentication and a unified admin portal, PingOne for Workforce is available in three solution packages:

  • Essential: Centralize single sign-on (SSO), Directory, and Basic MFA for software as a service (SaaS) apps, and integrate with your Microsoft environment
  • Plus: Create an LDAP connection to on-prem identity data, and enhance security and experience with intelligent, adaptive authentication
  • Premium: A dedicated-tenant architecture for the most complex use cases, including SSO for non-standard apps and advanced access security

Additional capabilities are available as add-ons based on your solution requirements. Try PingOne for Workforce today with a no-cost 30-day trial and start delivering the seamless, secure experiences that your employees are looking for.

PingOne for Workforce Solution Package Capabilities
Capability Essential Plus Premium Add-on Trial
Standards-based AuthN/SSO (OIDC/SAML) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Directory Yes Yes Yes Yes
Application Portal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Outbound provisioning Yes Yes Yes Yes
Application Catalog Yes Yes Yes Yes
O365 with WS-Fed/WS-Trust Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basic MFA Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inbound provisioning (SCIM, Workday) Yes Yes Yes
Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication Yes Yes Yes
Gateway - Integrate with AD/LDAP Yes Yes Yes
Orchestration Starter Pack Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Tenant Architecture Yes
Advanced, including non-standards based, SSO Yes Yes
Advanced Delegated Administration Yes
Advanced Access Security Yes
Risk Management Yes Yes
Advanced Authorization Yes
Advanced API Security Yes
Additional Regions/Environments/Perf Reqs.* Yes