As an issuer, BX Insurance Company, wants to issue a car insurance policy as a credential to their customers (users) digitally. They want to include the customer’s picture, driver license ID, car insurance policy number, and the expiration date for the insurance policy.

The insurance company creates a credential in PingOne Credentials that includes the company logo, company branding, and all of the fields that they require for the type of insurance that they're issuing.

An image showing an example of a credential for an insurance company

They use the credential to issue insurance policy digital credentials that the user stores in their compatible wallet app.

If the user wants to rent a car, they can share digital insurance credential details with the car rental company. Likewise, if the user is involved in a traffic accident, they can share details with the other driver (verifiers) to prove that they have insurance and to verify that their policy is valid.

If the user’s insurance coverage stops before the expiration date specified during issuance, such as because of a lack of payment that renders the insurance invalid, BX Insurance Company can revoke the credential given to the user in real-time.

Sharing information from a digital wallet gives the verifiers the additional assurance that the information is up-to-date and represents the real-time status of the person’s insurance, something that a paper copy can't provide.

PingOne Credentials allows BX Insurance Company to create numerous custom credentials for all the insurance policies that they want to cover, including:

  • House insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Mortgages

After they create these credentials, they can issue them to their users.