The following table lists all filters in the Protect dashboard charts.

Filter Description

Policy Name

Filters risk policies to be included in the chart.

You can select multiple policies.

Event Type

Filters production and staging policy event types.

Flow Type

Filters the type of user flow:

  • Access: Verification of whether the user can access the relevant application, using tools such as PingAccess
  • Authentication: Authentication for sign-on or actions such as a password change
  • Authorization: Verification of whether the user is authorized to perform a specific action (for example, a profile change), using tools such as PingOne Authorize
  • Registration: Initial registration of an account
  • Transaction: Authentication performed during a purchase or other monetary transaction

Risk Level

Limits the results to a specific risk level.

High-Risk Model

Displays data from high-risk models.

Risk Model

Displays data from risk models.

When you select a risk model from the list, the chart changes to show the risk level distribution of that risk model.

Risk Model Level

Limits the results to a specific risk level.

The default value is High.


Displays the results as a number or percentage.


Filters operating systems to be included in the chart.


Displays specific operating systems only.

Browser Family

Displays specific browser families only.


Limits the results to a specific country.

User Name

Filters the data by specific users.

All users are selected by default.


The User Name selection only affects the drill-down table.

Date Range

Shows data from a custom time period.

Period bar

Shows data from the current day, previous week, previous month, or previous six months.

A screen capture of the slider. The slider is a dark blue oval that you can move side to side and select 1D for current day, 1W for previous week, 1M for previous month, or 6M for previous six months.

The following image shows the filters available in one of the Protect dashboard charts.

A screen capture of the Risk Models page with the User Velocity filter applied. The bar graph shows User Velocity transactions over the past week, categorized into low, medium, and high risk levels.