Simulations allow you to deepen your understanding of how PingOne Protect detects different types of risk events. For more information on predictors, see Introduction to predictors and Predictors.

  • To test common predictors:
    PredictorTesting Steps

    Geovelocity anomaly

    1. Sign on to your account.
    2. Sign on again with a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) in a server from a remote datacenter.

      You can alternatively have a colleague based in a different location sign on to the sample app with the same user.

    New device

    1. Sign on from one device.
    2. Sign on again from another device.

    Anonymous network detection

    1. Use a public VPN/server or browser extension that hides your IP address.
    2. Sign on.

    User-based risk behavior (individual user)

    1. Train the predictor by creating risk evaluations (such as signing on with the same user account several times and authenticating successfully each time).
    2. Create a new risk evaluation (such as signing on again from a different browser or a different operating system if possible).