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Page created: 19 Sep 2022 |
Page updated: 9 Jan 2023

September 28

Staging policies for testing risk policy settings

PingOne Risk

It is now possible to test risk policy changes before actually putting them into production, by creating staging policies that are associated with the actual policy that you are using.

When a risk evaluation event occurs for the production risk policy, the incoming risk data is also passed through the staging policy affiliated with the production risk policy. This creates two sets of risk evaluation data - one for the production policy and one for its associated staging policy. You can then compare how the new settings impacted the risk evaluation.

For details, see Risk policies.

PingOne MFA API - automation mode for device testing

PingOne MFA

To simplify automated testing of your applications, you can now create dedicated testing devices. When you use the API to send authentication requests to such a device, the OTP is not sent to the actual device, but instead is returned as part of the body of the response.

For details, see MFA Devices.

September 20

Custom OAuth scopes and claims

Application developers can now specify custom scopes and claims so that applications can request those scopes during an authentication flow. Applications can then receive the claims associated with those scopes in the various tokens supported by OIDC. For more information see Editing scopes for an application.

PingOne Notifications Connector


The PingOne notifications connector enables you to send custom voice, SMS, and email notifications to enable you to send notifications for a wide range of use cases for your customers. For information, see PingOne Notifications Connector.

We've also added a new General template to the notifications templates in PingOne, so that you can create a custom notifications template in PingOne and reference it in the notifications connector. For more information, see Notification templates.

September 19

Roles for Worker applications


We've updated the roles assignment page for Worker applications. The new Roles page makes it easier to manage roles for applications by allowing you to multi-select roles and responsibilities for a Worker application. You can also reduce access for a particular application. To find out more, see Configuring roles for a worker application.