1. Go to Applications > Application Portal.
  2. Under Links, locate the resource link you want to edit.
  3. On the right, click the three dots options menu, and then click Edit.
  4. For Profile details, click the pencil icon and enter or edit the following:
    • Link name. A name for the link as it will appear in the application portal.
    • Description (optional). A brief characterization of the link.
    • Icon (optional). A pictorial representation of the application. Use a file up to 1MB in JPG, JPEG, GIF, or PNG format.
    • URL. The URL to which the user will be directed. HTTP or HTTPS links are valid.
  5. Click the Visibility tab.
  6. Do one of more of the following:
    • Select Any or All to determine whether the user must be a member of any defined group, or all defined groups.
    • To add a group, click the plus sign (+) for the appropriate group.
    • To remove a group, click the check mark for the appropriate group.

      If no groups are defined, then all users can access the link.

  7. Click Save.