1. Go to Settings > Domains.
  2. For the appropriate email domain name entry, click DKIM Setup.
  3. Copy the email trust records.

    If you see multiple regions listed, such as EU-WEST-1, US-EAST-1, US-WEST-1, you should copy the CNAME records for all regions. This is required for SES (Simple Email Service) to sign messages, and can also allow messages to be sent from another region if there is a fault in the primary region.

  4. Go to your DNS manager, and update it with these copied DKIM entries. Ensure that you add the records as CNAME records, not TXT records.
  5. Return to the DKIM Setup screen and click Verify.
    • A green check mark indicates that the verification check completed successfully.
    • A yellow exclamation point indicates that the verification check did not succeed. In this case, we recommend that you wait one hour and try again. Complete DNS propagation can take up to 24 hours.
  6. Click Close.