To verify an email address, PingOne sends an eight-digit code to the specified email address. The user then enters the code into the PingOne self-service application to verify the address. Alternatively, developers can use the PingOne API to create a custom application for email validation. See POST Verify User in the PingOne Platform API Reference.

Existing users will not be required to verify their email address, unless an admin has started the verification process. Start the verification process by clicking the Verify email link for a particular user. After an admin starts the verification process, the user details will show Not verified until the user finishes verification.

  1. Go to Directory > Users.
  2. Locate the appropriate user. You can browse or search for users.
  3. Click the user entry to open the details panel.
  4. On the right side, click the three dots options menu and then click Verify email.

    If the user does not have an email address as part of their profile, the Verify email option will not appear.

PingOne sends a verification code to the configured email address. The user can then use the verification code to verify their email address in the PingOne self-service application or custom application, if configured.

In the user details, the email address will appear as verified. If the user changes their email address, or if an admin starts the verification process again, the email address will have to be verified again.