You might be required to verify your email address if you change your email address in your profile or if your administrator requires it.

To verify an email address as an end user:

  1. Sign on to the PingOne self-service application.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If you have already received the verification email, then paste or enter the verification code.
    • If you haven't received the verification email, click Verify in the yellow banner. Go to your email application and locate the email from PingOne. Copy the eight-digit verification code, then paste or enter the code.

      If you don’t see the yellow banner, you don’t need to verify your email address.

      If you didn’t receive an email, or need to resend the code for any reason, click Resend code.

  3. Click Verify.

Under your contact information, your email shows as verified. If you change your email address in your profile, you must verify it again.