As part of this demo, you can experience group based access control during the user simulation. For the purposes of this demo, creating a group is optional.

  1. Go to Directory > Groups.
  2. Click the + icon.
  3. In the Create New Group panel, enter a Group Name, and select Default in the Population list.

    Screen capture of the Create New Group page with Sales entered as the Group Name and Default selected in the Population field
  4. Click Finish & Save.
  5. Click your new group to show the summary panel.
  6. Click the Users tab.
    A screen capture of the Users tab

    You can add members either individually or through a filter. For this example, we'll dynamically add users to the Sales group who have titles starting with "Sales."

  7. Click Add with a Filter.
  8. In the Attribute list, select Title, in the Operator list, select Starts with, and in the Value field, enter Sales. Click Save Filtered Users.

    Screen capture of the Create Dynamic Group page with the Attribute field set to Title, the Operator set to Starts with, and Sales entered in the Value field

    As you can see, George and Lucy have been added to the Sales group.

    Updated screen capture of the Sales group showing two new members

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