1. Go to Authentication > Authentication.
  2. Click Add Policy.
    A screen capture of the Policies screen in PingOne.
  3. In the Policy Name field, enter Passwordless_Login.
  4. From the Step Type list, select Multi-factor Authentication.
  5. Under Available Methods, select the SMS check box.
    A screen capture of the Authentication Policy for the Passwordless Login Application in PingOne.
  6. Click Save.

    PingOne saves the policy and returns you to the Policies list.

  7. Go to Applications > Applications.
  8. Expand the Passwordless Login application.
  9. Click the Policies tab and click the Pencil icon.
  10. Click + or drag the Passwordless_Login policy to the Applied Policies column.
    A screen capture of the Edit Policies window in PingOne.
  11. Click Save.

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