1. Go to Directory > Groups.
  2. To add a new group, click +.
  3. In the Group Name field, enter Allowed Users.
  4. From the Population list, select Default.
  5. Click Save.
    A screen capture of the Create New Group window in PingOne.

    PingOne creates the user group and displays it in the Groups list.

  6. In the configuration panel, click Users.
  7. Click Add Users with a Filter.
  8. In the Create Dynamic Group dialog, enter the following group criteria:






    Starts with



    A screen capture of the Create Dynamic Group screen in PingOne.
  9. Click Save Filtered Users.
  10. Go to Applications > Applications.
  11. Expand the Passwordless Login application.
  12. Click the Access tab and click the Pencil icon.
  13. Click + or drag the Allowed Users group to the Applied Groups column.
  14. Click Save.
    A screen capture of the Edit Access window in PingOne.

Continue by Copying the sign-on URLs.