1. In an incognito or private browser window, go to the Initiate Single Sign-On URL for the Registration application.
  2. Click No account? Register now.
  3. Register a new user 'Sam Jones'.
    1. In the Username field, enter SamJones.
    2. In the Email Address field, enter a valid email address.
    3. In the Password and Verify Password fields, enter a password for this user.
      A screen capture of the Create Your Profile screen for Sam Jones in PingOne.
    4. Click Save.

      PingOne will send a verification email to the address you entered.

    5. In the Verification Code field, enter the verification code emailed to you.
    6. Click Verify.

      A screen capture of the user verification code screen in PingOne.
    7. Close the incognito window.
  4. Open a new incognito window and go to the PingOne Self-Service application Home Page URL.
  5. In the Username and Password fields, enter the credentials for Sam Jones.
  6. Go to Authentication > Add Method.

    A screen capture of the Authentication Methods screen for users in PingOne.
  7. Click Text message.
  8. In the Phone Number field, enter a phone number for PingOne to send a one-time passcode (OTP).
  9. Click Next.

    PingOne will send an SMS message with a verification code.

  10. In the Verification code field, enter the verification code.
  11. Click Finish.

    The user is able to authenticate using SMS.

  12. Close the incognito window.
  13. In a new incognito window, go to the Passwordless Login application Initiate Single Sign-On URL.
  14. In the Username field, enter SamJones.

    A screen capture of the username entry screen in PingOne.
  15. Click Submit.

    PingOne will send you a text message with a passcode.

  16. In the Passcode field, enter the passcode.

    A screen capture of the user one-time passcode entry screen in PingOne.
  17. Click Sign On.

    A screen capture of Error: User does not have appropriate group memberships in PingOne.

    PingOne displays the following error message:

    User does not have appropriate group memberships

Congratulations! You've just configured and tested a passwordless login experience!