Attribute Description

Work email

The user's email address.


The user’s username and Workday login.


The status of the user account in Workday.

First Name

The user’s first (given) name.

Middle Name

The user’s middle name.

Last Name

The user’s last (family) name.

For inbound provisioning from Workday, LDAP Gateway, and SCIM identity stores, you can specify some additional options for onboarding new users. For more information, see Adding attribute mapping for inbound provisioning.

Attribute dependencies

When mapping attributes for write-back, some attributes are dependent on other attributes. For example, to configure a Name attribute, you must also include First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, and Name Locale.

The following table shows the dependent attribute groupings. That is, if you map one attribute in a group for write-back, you need to map them all.

Name grouping

First Name

Last Name

Middle Name

Name Locale

Home address grouping

Home Street Address Line One

Home Street Address Line Two

Home Postal Code

Home City

Home Region

Home Country

Home phone grouping

Home Phone

Home Phone Country

Home Phone Type

Work address grouping

Work Street Address Line One

Work Street Address Line Two

Work Postal Code

Work City

Work Region

Work Country

Work phone grouping

Work Phone

Work Phone Country

Work Phone Type

These attributes can be mapped independently of one another.
  • WID
  • Work Email
  • Home Email