To create and delete API groups:

  • To create an API group, click Create New API group in the top-right corner. Fill in the following details for the new API group, and click Save:
    • GROUP NAME: The display name of the API group.
    • GROUP DESCRIPTION: Additional information about the API group.
    • CUSTOM ATTRIBUTE KEY: The metadata key for the API group.
    • CUSTOM ATTRIBUTE VALUE: Metadata about the API group. This can be used in search operations.

    A screen capture of the Create New Group window on the APIs Grouping page.
  • To edit an API group, click the Pencil icon (). You can modify the metadata of the group.
  • To delete an API group, click the Delete icon () in the bottom-right corner of the API group.

    APIs in the group that are not part of any other API groups, will be added to the default API group. You cannot delete the default API group.