The permitted notification methods are configured in sign-on policies. For PingOne MFA to send notifications to a user, the user must have at least one authentication device associated with their user profile (also known as device pairing).

In a multi-factor authentication (MFA)multi-factor authentication (MFA)MFA An electronic authentication method where a user is granted access only after presenting two or more verification factors for authentication. environment, the default sign-on policy is a single step of MFA. A user who wants to sign on to the MyAccount UI must have an MFA device in advance, except for the admin, who can sign on to MyAccount from the admin console.

A user needs at least one associated device for PingOne MFA. In this example, your user's authentication device is an email address that receives a one-time passcode (OTP)one-time passcode (OTP)OTP A passcode valid for only one sign on or transaction on a computer system or other digital device. Also known as a one-time password, one-time PIN, or dynamic password. each time PingOne MFA is triggered.