The OOTB - Basic Profile Management flow presents users with an option to update their account information. Users with an existing session are presented with a form that enables them to change the name and address associated with their account. The flow uses PingOne nodes to make the changes to the account.


SUCCESSCheck for sessionUpdate profile

This flow is divided into sections using teleport nodes:

Check for Session
Uses a PingOne node to check for an existing session, then progresses to the Update Profile section if a session exists.
Update Profile
Uses a PingOne node to find the user. The flow then presents users with a custom HTML form that lets them enter updated name and address information. When the user submits this information, function nodes determine whether a new address was submitted, then PingOne nodes update the user's information with or without the address. The flow displays a success message on the custom HTML form, then progresses to the Return Success section.
Return Error
Displays an error message, then sends a JSON error message.
Return Success
Sends a JSON success message.

Input schema

This flow has the following inputs.

Input Name Description


The username of the user whose profile is being updated.

Output schema

This flow has the following outputs.

Output Name Description


The error message to display in the parent flow.


The error code to display in the parent flow.


This flow uses the following variables.

Variable Name Description


The number of minutes after which a session is no longer valid.


The HTML style to use for your company logo.


The URL for your company logo.


Displays the name of your company.