The OOTB - Verify Email - Subflow displays an HTML page giving users the option to enter a verification code sent to their email or resend the code. If the user enters the code, a PingOne node verifies the code. If the user requests that the coe be resent, a PingOne node resends the code, then the user is returned to the beginning of the flow.


SUCCESSERRORAsk for emailverification codeResend verification codeVerify verification code

This flow is divided into sections using teleport nodes:

Ask for email verification code
Uses a flow instance variable to track the number of verification attempts. It presents the user with an HTML page on which they can enter a verification code or request that the code be resent. If the user submits a verification code, the flow progresses to the Verify verification code section. If the user requests a new code, the flow progresses to the Resend verification code section.
Verify verification code
Increments the number of validation attempts. If the number of attempts has not reached the maximum, a PingOne node validates the verification code. If the validation succeeds, a JSON success message is sent. If the validation fails, an error message is displayed.
Resend verification code
Uses a PingOne node to send a new verification code, then displays a confirmation message for the user.
Return Error
Sends a JSON error message.

Input schema

This flow has the following inputs.

Input Name Required? Description



The user ID of the current user.



The company logo.

Used only when the main flow was launched using the widget.

Output schema

This flow has the following outputs.

Output Name Description


The error message to display in the parent flow.


This flow uses the following variables.

Variable Name Description


The HTML style to use for your company logo.


The URL for your company logo.


Displays the name of your company.


The maximum number of times a user can attempt to verify their email.