In PingOne, you perform basic configuration to prepare the solution for use.

After you've configured PingOne, open DaVinci, where the flows that make up the PingOne for Customers Plus solution have been added. Provide configuration information in DaVinci to adjust the PingOne for Customers Plus solution to your needs, then clone the flows for use in your production environment.

The PingOne for Customers Plus solution offers many of the available DaVinci capabilities. However, the solution limits the pre-built components to common use cases and selected best practices.

The solution includes a variety of authentication methods, such as email magic link, email and SMS OTP, FIDO2, voice, mobile applications, and time-based one-time passcode (TOTP).


The PingOne for Customers Plus solution offers pre-built flow templates and configurations. Review these components with your Ping Identity account representative to understand the limitations and risks associated with this solution. Your account representative can also help you customize the pre-built flow templates to satisfy any compliance or regulatory requirements that relate to your business.

This solution uses PingOne and DaVinci. For information about managing users and other PingOne tasks, see the PingOne documentation. For information about customizing flows, see the DaVinci documentation.