• The PingOne Advanced Services SaaS platform is built on AWS, which hosts resources in multiple locations world-wide. No other cloud provider is supported.
    Important: PingOne Advanced Services is built on AWS, but because it is a SaaS platform, it does not provide access to the features and tools that you might be accustomed to using in AWS.
  • Multi-cloud deployments are not supported.
  • A Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server is not included. If one is needed and because AWS blocks port 25 outbound by default, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Secure (SMTPS) must be used.
  • Each AWS region is isolated from other AWS regions, and each zone is supported by at least one physical data center in that region. Although a single availability zone can span multiple data centers, no two zones share a data center to reduce the likelihood of two zones failing simultaneously.

    The following AWS regions are supported:

    • Us-East-2 (url region "us1" )
    • Us-West-2 (url region "us2" )
    • EU-Central-1 (url region "eu1" )
    • Eu-West-1 (url region "eu2" )
    • Ap-Southeast-1 (url region "sg1" )
    • Ap-Southeast-2 (url region "au1" )
    • ca-central-1 (url region "ca1" )
    You have one region with the PingOne Cloud Platform and can have between one and three different regions with PingOne Advanced Services. All regions guarantee uptimes of 99.99%.
    Note: Session migration on inter-regional failover is only supported if the products are properly configured, and should be addressed during the system planning and design phase.
  • You have one production environment and up to 3 non-production environments (Dev, Test, and Stage) that you can use to develop and test your code and configurations. Dev and Test environments:
    • Are provisioned with 8GB of RAM and 40GB of disk space.
    • Do not auto-scale resources for the number of pods needed.
    • Only exist in the primary region for multi-region deployments.
    • Support a limited number of Identities / Objects:
      • The limit of Identities / Objects in Dev and Test is 10,000
      • More Identities / Objects can be loaded, however doing so is at your own risk
      • Performance or stability issues might be encountered if the limit is exceeded

    The staging environment is a replica of the production environment infrastructure but is not subject to Ping Identity's uptime and Severity 1 and 2 service level agreements.

    Load and performance testing is not permitted on the Dev or Test environments.

    See Environments for additional information about each of these environments.

    Determine which types of non-production environments you want to use upfront, as it’s difficult to add environments after PingOne Advanced Services is deployed.