You are responsible for monitoring your Ping applications and configurations, but we will stream log files to you, which will help you identify, monitor, and quickly resolve any issues you might encounter. You can also subscribe to receive alerts from PingOne Advanced Services, which will notify you of events occurring within your network.

See Monitoring and logging for additional information.

Although the on-premise products you might be accustomed to using allow you to customize your log files, the log files in PingOne Advanced Services are limited.

Items to keep in mind regarding PingOne Advanced Services observability and logging:
  • Log fields cannot be customized.
  • Debugging is turned off for the production and Stage environments, but can be turned on for brief periods of time for troubleshooting purposes.
  • For versions earlier than 1.19, only the default product logs are available.
  • For versions earlier than 1.19, log files are delimited.
  • All parsed log files are retained for 90 days (subject to change), and up to 13 months of raw logs (subject to change).
The log names that you might be used to seeing in PingFederate PingAccess, and the PingDirectory suite of products might be different in the PingOne Advanced Services log files. These differences are listed here by product.
On-premise log name PingOne Advanced Services log name
server.log pf-server-*
audit.log pf-audit-*
transaction.log pf-transaction-*
provisioner.log pf-provisioner-*
provisioner-audit.log pf-provisioner-audit-*
<date.>request.log pf-request-*
admin.log pf-admin-log-*
admin-event-detail.log pf-admin-event-detail-*
admin-api.log pf-admin-api-*
runtime-api.log pf-runtime-api-*
init.log pf-init-*
jvm-garbage-collection.log pf-jvm-garbage-collection-*
On-premise log name PingOne Advanced Services log name
pingaccess.log pa-pingaccess-*
pingaccess_engine_audit.log pa-engine-audit-*
pingaccess_agent_audit.log pa-agent-audit-*
pingaccess_api_audit_har.log pa-api-audit-har-*
pingaccess_api_audit.log pa-api-audit-log-*
pingaccess_sideband_audit.log pa-sideband-audit-*
pingaccess_sideband_client_audit.log pa-sideband-client-audit-*
pingaccess.log pa-was-pingaccess-*
audit.log pa-was-engine-audit-*
pingaccess_was_api_audit_har.log pa-was-api-audit-har-*
pingaccess_was_api_audit.log pa-was-api-audit-log-*
pingaccess_was_sideband_audit.log pa-was-sideband-audit-*
pingaccess_was_sideband_client_audit.log pa-was-sideband-audit-*
PingAccess Web Application Security (WAS)
On-premise log name PingOne Advanced Services log name
pingaccess.log pa-was-system*
audit.log pa-was-audit*
pingaccess_engine_audit.log pa-was-audit*
pingaccess_api_audit.log pa-was-audit*
pingaccess_agent_audit.log pa-was-audit*
pingaccess_sideband_audit.log pa-was-audit*
pingaccess_sideband_client_audit.log pa-was-audit*
pingaccess.log pa-was-admin-system*
audit.log pa-was-admin-audit*
pingaccess_engine_audit.log pa-was-admin-audit*
pingaccess_api_audit.log pa-was-admin-audit*
On-premise log name PingOne Advanced Services log name
access pd-access-*
errors pd-errors-*
server.out pd-server-*
replication pd-replication-*
failed-ops pd-failed-ops-*
expensive-write-ops pd-expensive-write-ops-*
http-detailed-access pd-http-detailed-access-*
PingData Sync
On-premise log name PingOne Advanced Services log name
access pds-access-*
errors pds-errors-*
server.out pds-server-*
failed-ops pds-failed-ops-*