1. To add a new administrator:
    1. To access the Administrators page, click Administrators.

      You see a list of the administrators with whom you share customers. Clicking the expandable icon associated with each administrator reveals their first and last names, contact phone number, contact email address, and role.

    2. To add an administrator, click Add Administrator.
    3. Enter the new administrator's first name, last name, phone number, and email address in the appropriate fields and click Save.

      The resulting text provides new administrators with the sign-on URL, their user name, and instructions for using a recovery code to complete the initial sign-on process. The new user's user name is automatically created and cannot be changed.

      If the new administrator is not authorized to access customer information, or if the new administrator has the same first and last name as another administrator for the same customer, you can't add the new administrator to the system.

    4. To inform the new IAM administrator that you have provisioned their account, copy and paste the text into an email and send it to the new administrator.
  2. To edit an administrator's information or your own:
    1. Click the Pencil icon.

      All of the editable information, which is obtained from the PingOne database, shows on one page.

    2. Update this information as necessary and click Save.
    3. Inform the administrator that you updated the information.
  3. To delete an administrator, click its associated Delete icon.

    Understand that if you delete an administrator from the platform, they will not be able to sign on to the PingFederate or PingAccess consoles.

    You cannot delete yourself.

    The administrator is removed from the platform and the PingOne database.