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PingOne Advanced Services
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PingFederate supplies HTML templates to provide information to end users, or to request user input when processing their requests. To change these templates, submit a request through the service request form on the Support Portal.

Each PingFederate template contains specific variables that can be used for rendering the associated web page. You can see the variables and usage examples in the comments of each template. See Customizable user-facing screens in the PingFederate Server Administrator guide for variables that are available across all templates.

These templates use the Velocity template engine, an open-source Apache project. For information about Velocity, see the Velocity project documentation on theApache website.

  1. Complete the following fields:
    • Subject: Enter a description of your request, including the action to be taken.
    • Environment Type: Specify the type of environment affected by this request.
    • Proposed Change Window: Specify the dates or times in which you want the work complete.
  2. In the Capability list, select PingFederate service requests > User-facing screens.
  3. In the Pages to be updated field, specify which pages should be updated.

    For example, forgot-password.html.

  4. In the Business Priority list, select the appropriate description:
    • Change needed by deadline to avoid business impact
    • Change modifies existing functionality
    • Change adds new functionality
  5. In the Description field, enter a description of your request.
  6. If you are tracking your request within your organization, enter the tracking ID or ticket number associated with it in the Customer Tracking ID field.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click the Attachments tab and upload a .zip file that contains all files in the template directory you are updating.

    If necessary, request the latest instance of these files before making your update.