The regions available to you depend on how your account is set up. AWS provides a wide variety of available regions, and although PingOne Advanced Services runs within the AWS framework, not all of these regions are supported in PingOne Advanced Services.

The following table lists the regions supported.

Region group Code (region) Name
Asia ap-Southeast-1 (url region "sg1" ) Asia Pacific (Singapore)
ap-Southeast-2 (url region "au1" ) Asia Pacific (Sydney)
Canada ca-central-1 (url region "ca1" ) Canada (Central)
Europe eu-central-1 (url region "eu1" ) Europe (Frankfurt)
eu-West-1 (url region "eu2" ) Europe (Ireland)
United States us-East-2 (url region "us1" ) US East (Ohio)
us-West-2 (url region "us2" ) US West (Oregon)

Region deployment models

Single region

Multi-region siloed

Multi-region clustered