Keeping data secure and private isn't easy. Compliance is particularly challenging for multinational organizations, especially in heavily regulated industries like healthcare and financial services. Standards and regulations also change frequently, making it difficult for businesses to keep up with international electronic data handling laws, which is why many have adopted a cloud-first or cloud-only strategy.

Cloud-first strategy
Organizations aim to use cloud services as much as possible and consider using cloud computing solutions before any other types of solution.
Cloud-only strategy
Everything is in the cloud.

With Advanced Services, Ping Identity is responsible for monitoring and managing much of the platform and infrastructure. You can even deploy to different regions to support data sovereignty and other regulatory requirements.

Organizations have their own dedicated cloud environments in which all hardware, software, and data resources are isolated and many different ways to securely connect them to on-premise resources, which helps them comply with strict security and privacy regulations.

Redundancy is also built into their global networks, as shown in the following diagram. With this redundancy in place, data backup and disaster recovery are much easier and less expensive to implement in the cloud than on premises, which is why it's often required.

This image illustrates the fact that all data in the cloud is backed up in a variety of locations.