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PingOne Advanced Services

Page created: 14 Sep 2022 |
Page updated: 15 Nov 2022

Newly supported releases PingFederate 11.1.1 (release notes). Kerberos gateway is also now supported.

Password policy added for topology administrators


Having a password policy specifically for topology administrators prevents them from being affected when password expiration policies are applied to non-administrator accounts.

PingFederate dashboard revisions

PingFederate Failed SSO and Failed Authentication dashboards have been revised to adjust to PingFederate 11.1 changes.
  • The Failed SSO dashboard will not contain data if the Fail Authentication on Account Lockout option is disabled in PingFederate, which is the default.
  • The Failed Authentication dashboard will not distinguish between SSO authentication requests and other types of authentication requests.

Additional time series data now available


Up to 13 months of Prometheus time series data is now available for you to compare current performance metrics with historical data to better understand their environments. Contact your Ping Identity representative for additional information about this option.

Active user numbers now available

The number of active users in each environment now displays on Grafana dashboards.