For more detailed directions to configure the most popular catalog applications, see PingOne for Enterprise Application Catalog.

  1. Go to Applications > Application Catalog.
  2. Optional: In the Search field, search for your application by typing the name, entity ID, or description of the application you want to add.
  3. When you find the application you want, click the line of the application to expand the description.
  4. Click Setup to begin. The SSO Instructions page for the application is displayed.
  5. Follow the instructions to configure SSO for the application. Click Continue to Next Step.
  6. Configure your connection to the application per the application instructions. Click Continue to Next Step.
  7. To add a new attribute, click Add New Attribute.

    In most cases, the default attribute mappings are sufficient. These mappings assign your identity repository attributes to the attributes provided by the Service Provider for the application.

    For each application attribute, you can:

    1. Enter a value in the Application Attribute field.
    2. Click the Required check box to designate an attribute or attributes as required by the application.
    3. In the Identity Bridge Attribute or Literal Value field, choose between:
      • Select an attribute from the drop down list.
      • Select As Literal and enter a literal value to assign.
    4. Click Advanced and enter Advanced Attribute Mapping mode.

      For more information, see Creating advanced attribute mappings

    5. Select the Provisioning check box to make this a provisioning attribute rather than an SSO attribute.

      Custom provisioning attributes are currently only available for Aquera and Salesforce applications.

  8. When you've finished modifying or adding any additional attributes, click Continue to Next Step.
  9. Optional: Customize how the application appears in your dock.
    • Click Select Image to upload a new application icon image.
    • In the Name field, enter a new name for the application.
    • In the Description field, enter a new description for the application.
    • From the Category list, select the category to assign the application to.
    • Click Continue to Next Step.
  10. Make the new application available to your users by assigning the groups authorized to use the application.

    All members of the selected group or groups will be able to use the application. When the application supports user provisioning, user provisioning to this application is also enabled for members of the assigned groups.

    For more information about group access, see Authorize group access to applications.

    1. For each group you want to grant access to the application, click Add.
    2. Click Continue to Next Step
      The summary information for the application configuration is then displayed on a new page.
  11. Review your configuration and click Finish to add the application to the PingOne Dock.