If you have the SSO URL for an application that is not in the Application Catalog, you can connect to the application without using SAML. Typically, the application already exists in your organization, but it may be an application from a service provider (SP) if the SP supplies you the URL for the application.

You can then make the application available to your single sign-on (SSO) users.

Note: Applications you’ve made available using the SSO URL cannot be added to the authentication context in the PingOne authentication policy. However, if the SSO URL references an application configured for SSO in PingFederate, you can apply multi-factor authentication in PingFederate using a PingID advanced policy.
  1. Go to Applications > My Applications > SAML.
  2. Click Add Application.
  3. On the Application Details page, enter the application details.
    Application Name, Application Description and Categoryare required fields. You can optionally assign an application icon. The icon file can be up to 5 Mb in size. The supported graphics formats are JPEG/JPG and PNG.
  4. Click Continue to Next Step. The Application Configuration page is displayed.
  5. On the Application Configuration page, click I have the SSO URL and enter the URL to use for SSO to the application.
    If the application is being supplied by an SP, the SP will need to supply the URL to you. We encode this URL, so do not encode it yourself (for example, by using "&" rather than "&").
    If you are using Google as your identity bridge and adding a Google application, enter the URL for the application using this format:

    Where application is the name of one of the Google applications, and GoogleAppsDomainName is the domain name assigned to your Google account.

  6. Confirm that the SSO URL is correct. You can use the Single Sign-On link to test the URL. The application connection is established, and available on your PingOne dock.
  7. Click Finish to complete the application setup.
    The new application is added to your My Applications list for SAML. You can edit the application configuration as needed by clicking the right arrow icon then clicking Edit. Refer to this documentation when changing configuration values.
  8. Make the new application available to your users.