If you have a PingOne for Enterprise for Managed Service Providers account, you can access the PingOne for Enterprise admin portal of one of your customer accounts.

Choose a customer account to administer. You need to be either a Support Administrator (Read/Write or Read-Only permissions), or a Global Administrator to access the admin portal for the account.

  1. Click Customers.
  2. Click the Expand icon for the account you want to administer.

    If you have read/write or full permissions, you can modify the PingOne for Enterprise configuration for the customer account.

  3. To manage PingID licensing for your customer accounts, click Licensing.
    1. Click the Full License toggle to switch between aPingID trial or full license for this customer account.

      For more information about the differences between PingID trial and licensed accounts, see SMS and voice usage limits in the PingID documentation.

    2. Click the Enable SMS/Voice toggle to enable or disable this customer account's ability to send SMS or voice one-time passcodes.

    This feature is in limited release. To request access to this feature, open a support case.

  4. Click Enter Account. You're prompted to verify the account access, then the admin portal for the customer account is displayed. In the header at the top of each page is a Support Admin banner identifying you as administering this account.
  5. When you're finished, click the Exit button in the Support Admin banner to quit administering the customer account and return to the Customers administration page.