You need to be either a Global Administrator or Identity Repository Administrator to enable self registration for your directory users. You will edit the default registration settings for new directory users to allow self registration.

  1. Go to Setup > Directory > Registration.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Set the registration options:

    User Invite Duration

    Click the arrow buttons to increase or decrease the number of hours a user invitation remains valid. The duration range is 1 hour to 168 hours.

    Allow Self Registration

    If enabled, as an additional method of new user registration, you can direct new users to the PingOne for EnterpriseRegistration URL that's automatically assigned when you enable this setting. You're still able to create or invite new users using the process described in Add directory users.


    All of the remaining settings on this page apply only to self registration. If you do not select the check box to allow self registration, the other settings are not applied or saved.

    Approval Required

    If enabled, this setting indicates that an administrator needs to approve all new user registrations that occur through the self registration site. The users will not be able to access PingOne for Enterprise until the administrator has approved their registration.

    Self Registration Email Domains

    Use this field to restrict the email domains that can be used for self registration. Enter the allowed email domain or domains (comma-delimited).


    If you do not enter any email domains, all domains are allowed for self registration.

    Email Address for Notifications

    When a new user registers at the self registration site, an email notifying you of the new registration is automatically sent to this address. Leave this blank if you do not want to receive notification emails.

    Email Address for Summaries

    A daily summary of user registrations at the self registration site is sent to the email address you enter here. Leave this blank if you do not want to receive daily registration summaries.

    Registration URL

    If you've enabled Self Registration, this URL is automatically assigned when you save your changes on this page. This is the URL to which you need to direct any new users that you want to be able to self-register.

    Reply-to Email Address

    You can choose to assign a custom email address to use as the reply-to email address displayed in the registration invitation email that is sent to the user. The default is (an unattended email address).

  4. Click Save Changes when you're done.