You can create categories such as applications that are accessible only by VPN, applications specifically geared toward onboarding new hires, or applications that are intended for specific departments.

Categories don't change the behavior or access privileges of an application, but you can use categories to organize applications for easier administration.

  1. In the PingOne for Enterprise admin console, go to Applications > My Applications > Custom Categories.
  2. Click Add Category.
  3. In the Name field, enter a category name.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Optional: For each language field, enter the localized category name for the corresponding localization region.

    Entries in these fields replace the original category name for administrators in the corresponding localization regions.

  6. Click Done.
    The new category appears in the custom category list.
  7. To view the applications assigned to a custom category, click the Expand icon for the category, and click Applications.

    You can assign an application to a category on the PingOne App Customization tab of the application adding or editing process.

    For more information about adding or editing an application, see Adding or updating a SAML application and Adding or updating an OIDC application.

The custom category appears in the list of available application categories.