Deleting a group is useful if, for example, you've either added a group by mistake, or the group no longer exists in your user repository and you now need to remove it from PingOne.

Deleting a group removes the group and any of its associations to applications.

If your identity bridge supports provisioning, your PingOne groups are automatically updated to reflect any changes in the associated user repository. Provisioning dynamically creates and updates SSO user information in your PingOne for Enterprise user groups based on attributes in incoming SAML assertions from a cloud application provider. Only SAML-enabled applications can support provisioning.

Note: If you allow a user who is a member of a deleted group to sign on to PingOne, the PingOne group is recreated, and is again listed on the User Groups page. To ensure this doesn't happen, verify that each user exists in only one group.
  1. Select the Users tab then click the User Groups tab. The User Groups page is displayed.
  2. In the groups listing, click Edit for the group you want to delete. The Edit Group/Application Associations page is displayed.
  3. Verify that the group members belong only to this group, then click I understand - delete the group.
  4. Click Save.The group and its application associations are deleted.