Use this workflow to guide you in setting up PingOne for Enterprise:
  1. Get familiar with how PingOne for Enterprise works.
    See PingOne for Enterprise and its subtopics for information.
    You can also download the PingOne Security Hardening Guide for security-related best practices.
  2. Register your PingOne for Enterprise account.
    See Registering a PingOne for Enterprise account for registration instructions.
  3. Connect to an identity repository.
    You can configure a PingOne for Enterprise identity bridge to connect to external identity repositories, or use the PingOne for Enterprise Directory as your identity repository. See Connecting to an identity repository for instructions.
  4. Assign the administrative users for your account.
    Administration of your PingOne for Enterprise account is role-based. See Assign administrative roles for more information.
  5. Add groups for your users.
    User access to applications in PingOne for Enterprise is controlled through group membership. See Managing users by group for information and Add groups for instructions.
  6. Add applications for your users.
    See Managing applications for information and refer to the relevant subtopic to add the applications.
  7. Add an authentication policy.
    The authentication policy can be applied when users or administrators single sign-on (SSO), and for applications using SAML connections. You have the option of using PingID to apply a secondary level of authentication (multi-factor authentication). See Authenticating users for information and its subtopics for instructions.
  8. Manage the certificates to use for your account.
    See Certificate management for information and its subtopics for instructions.
  9. to assign your corporate logo, go to Account > Branding.
    The corporate logo is displayed when users sign on to PingOne for Enterprise. See Assign branding and design for logon and SSO for more information.
  10. Configure the PingOne for Enterprise Directory dock.
    Go to Setup > Branding to configure branding and design settings for the dock. See Assign branding and design for more information.
  11. If you're using PingOne for Enterprise Directory, go to Setup > Directory > Branding to configure branding for additional user-facing pages.
    For more information, see Assign directory branding and designs.
As you refine your PingOne for Enterprise configuration, if you don't find what you're looking for in this guide, go to the Support and Community portal for additional information.