1. Familiarize yourself with how PingOne for Enterprise works.
  2. Connect to an identity repository.
    You can configure an identity bridge to connect to an external identity repository or use the PingOne for Enterprise Directory as your identity repository. See Connecting to an identity repository for information.
  3. Assign administrators.
    See Assign administrative roles for information.
  4. Add user groups.
    See Managing users by group for information.
  5. Optional: Manage your PingOne for Enterprise Directory users.
    If you're using PingOne for Enterprise Directory as your identity repository, see Managing PingOne for Enterprise Directory users for information and instructions.
  6. Manage certificates for your account.
    See Certificate management for information.
If you encounter problems as you configure PingOne for Enterprise, visit the Ping support portal to look for answers, or sign on to your account to file a support case.