When you first launch a basic SSO application you may be prompted to enter your credentials. The browser extension saves the credentials for the basic SSO app and ensures that thereafter you can SSO to the application using the browser. If the browser extension isn't installed when you try to access a basic SSO application, you're prompted to install it and create a privacy key.

The browser extension uses your privacy key to encrypt the credentials you use to access basic SSO applications. privacy key to access and manage passwords for your SSO applications, and enable the browser extension to access password information from different browsers and devices.
Note: The privacy key you define is known only to you. It enables you to access and modify the passwords for all of your basic SSO apps. If you forget your privacy key, it cannot be recovered.
  1. In the PingOne for Enterprise dock, double-click a basic SSO application.
    If the PingOne for Enterprise browser extension is not installed, a message appears prompting you to install it.
  2. Click Install.
    A confirmation message is displayed.
  3. Click Add extension.
    The browser extension is installed, and an associated icon is added to your browser bar. When you try to access an application on the dock, you are prompted to create a privacy key.
  4. Enter a privacy key and click Continue.
    Note: The privacy key must be a minimum of 8 characters.
    The privacy key is saved. When you log on to a basic SSO application for the first time, you will need to enter your username and password.
  5. To manage your passwords or change your privacy key, in the avatar menu, click Manage Passwords.