PingOne for Enterprise dock layout
Key Description
1 Left navigation pane
2 Left navigation pane: Category selector
3 Main area: Left navigation toggle button
4 Main area: Search bar
5 Main area: Applications
6 Main area: Avatar menu
7 Main area: Access help
  • Main area (5). The main area lists all applications that you currently have installed.
    • Double-click an app to launch it in a new browser window.
    • If you have more than 15 applications installed, the Frequently Used area displays the apps you use most frequently at the top of the dock.
    • Click a category in the Left Navigation pane (1) to filter the apps list and view only the apps of that category. The Category Selector (2) indicates which category is currently displayed.
    • Click the menu icon (3) to show or hide the navigation pane.
  • Search bar (4). Search for the app that you want to launch. Enter the name or part of the name for an app. A dropdown list shows the closest matches.
    • Click Open: to launch an existing app.
    • Click Install: to install new app (only available if your personal dock is enabled).
  • Avatar menu (6). A quick access menu from which you can select:
    • Devices (For organizations using PingID multi-factor authentication): Manage the devices you use for authentication.
    • Manage Passwords: Edit passwords for basic SSO apps.
    • Admin: Access the admin console (administrators only).
    • Show help: take a guided tour around the main features of your PingOne dock.
    • Logout: Logout of the PingOne dock.
  • Access help (7). Click the link to get details of where to go for help in your organization.